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U9-U11 Dev Rules


U9-U11 Development Rules - Standard 9 Player for Competitive & 6 Player for Development Level

Below is 6 Player on Field (no outfielders) - Calgary Minor Softball Association

Pitching Distance - 30 Feet

Base Lines - 45 Feet

Home Run Line (use either pylons or pin flags) - 25 Feet behind the bases

Ball Used - 11" Indoor Soft" 

The "Home Run Line" (HRL) will be used. The HRL eliminates the need for players in the outfield. Teams will operate with only 6 players on the field instead of 9. The positions available to play are Pitcher, Catcher, 1st base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base and Short Stop. Teams can be made up with 7-9 players.

U9-U11 Development Rules

10.10.1 The field distance will be twenty five (25) feet behind each base. Pylons to be placed at the Twenty-five (25) foot mark in the field.

10.10.2 Maximum number of players allowed on the playing field is six (6)

10.10.3 Team rosters must have at least seven (7) players. A home run is a ball that touches the ground past the home run line.

10.10.4 No spectators are permitted in the playing field except those designated as base umpires up to a maximum of two (2).

10.10.5 Fly ball caught past the home run line is an out

10.10.6 Base umpires will determine if a ground ball lands past the homerun line

10.10.7 No base stealing in Round 1 Play. Round 2 will permit base stealing


1. No walks - every run will come off of a hit ball. More hits means more defensive plays for the infield.

2. Less pressure on parent umpires in regards to calling balls and strikes.

3. Wider variety of pitchers may be used since players who want to pitch can try without having to worry about walking in 5 runs.

4. Lower scoring games. There will an increased number of strikeouts and defensive outs, which should result in less 5 run innings.

5. Innings will be quicker which should result in more innings played per game.

6. The home run line will become a major factor and the home run will be an exciting play for all players and fans to look forward to.

7. Players cannot steal bases if the coach/adult is pitching.

NOTE: There will be no stealing of bases in Round 1 Only

NO MORE WALKS! - Coach or parent pitch after ball 4 to batter


Batter # 1 (B1) is at the plate. After the 4th ball, the batter will have a count against him/her. It will either be 4 balls, 0 strikes (4-0), 4-1 or 4-2. The coach, or designated pitcher for the offensive team (B1’s coach or selected parent), will pitch to his/her own batter. The number of pitches that the batter will receive from the coach/parent is dependent upon the number of strikes that the pitcher had achieved against that batter prior to throwing the 4th "ball". All batters continue using the same rules.

Count 4-0, coach parent may throw up to 3 pitches.

Count 4-1, coach parent may throw up to 2 pitches.

Count 4-2, coach parent may throw only 1 pitch.

If the batter uses up all of his/her strikes without hitting the ball, he/she is out. There is no opportunity to walk. Every pitch is considered a called strike no matter where the pitch is thrown. The batter does not have to swing to strike out, nor does the pitch have to be in the strike zone.

Pitches (pitch) from the coach or parent are the only opportunity that the batter will get to hit the ball and get on base. The coach/parent will pitch from the pitching rubber (normal distance) and may pitch an underhand toss or windmill pitch.

On the third strike only, if the batter hits a foul ball, he/she will be granted an additional pitch, unless the foul ball is caught! This will be the same as regular rules in regards to a third strike foul ball.

The defensive pitcher will remain on the field to field balls hit into play.

If a ball hit into play by the batter that comes in contact with or is touched by the parent/coach, whether intentional or accidental & is interfered with by the coach/parent acting as the pitcher-

 the play will be called dead & treated like a foul ball

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